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2020 New Zealand Television Awards– Best Feature Drama (Runaway Millionaires)


2020 New Zealand Television Awards–  Best Drama Series (One Lane Bridge)


New York Festivals TV and Film Awards 2020 – Bronze Medal – Best Direction (Runaway Millionaires)


Aotearoa (NZ) Television Awards 2012

Finalist for Best Director Drama


NZ Television Awards 2014

Finalist for best television feature (The Kick)

NZ Television Awards 2018

One of two finalists for best Director Drama (Why Does Love)

Qantas Film and Television Awards 2007

Finalist for Best Director Drama

(The Hothouse)


NZ Screen Awards 2006 

Finalist for Best Script and Best Comedy

(Seven Periods With Mr Gormsby)

NZ Film and Television Awards 1999

Finalist Best Director Comedy (The Semisis)

Finalist Best Director Comedy (Market Forces)


NZ Film and Television Awards 1998

Finalist for Best Director Comedy (Tele Laughs)

Best Comedy (Tele Laughs)

NZ Television Awards 2017

Finalist in 2 categories/6 nominations (Hillary)


NZ Television Awards 2018

Best Feature Drama (Why Does Love)


NZ Film and Television Awards 1996

Best Entertainment Programme (Skitz) 

Mostra internationale del film di fantascienza e del fantastico 1991

Actor (Heidi) Meet The Feebles. 

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