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Under The Vines

Libertine Pictures for Acorn Films and TVNZ

Episodes 1,2,and 3 directed by Danny Mulheron.

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A Sydney socialite and London lawyer mutually inherit a run-down vineyard in New Zealand.  The only problems are that neither of them has ever done a hard days’ work – and they despise each other. A romantic comedy set in NZ starring Rebecca Gibney and Charles Edwards.


One lane bridge

Episodes 4,5,6 directed by Danny Mulheron.

Best Drama Series

2020 New Zealand Television Awards

During a murder investigation in Queenstown, an ambitious young detective reawakens a spiritual gift that endangers the case, his career and his life. Dominic Ona-Ariki and Joel Tobeck star in this local crime drama with a dark, supernatural twist. 

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Movie Trailer: Jonah

Movie Trailer: Jonah
Movie Trailer: Jonah

Movie Trailer: Jonah

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Jonah Directed by Danny Mulheron


The man, the myth, the legend. JONAH tells the story of the greatest rugby player the world has ever known, Jonah Lomu. This two-part series follows Lomu's rise to the top, but also his devastating battle behind the scenes. JONAH gets behind the myth and shows us a complex human being who is forced by nature to make choices that few individuals ever have to make. His supreme power is taken away from him by his illness. His legacy divided and uncertain. The most important rugby player whoever played the game and brought it to the world stage still has no stadium or monument named after him. A sad story about the price of fame.



Runaway Millionaires


What would you do if you found $10 million in your bank account. Runaway Millionaires is the gripping true story of Kara Hurring and Leo Gao,  an ordinary New Zealand couple who went on the run after an enormous amount of money was mistakenly deposited into their account. It features an extraordinary performance by Jess Sayer as Kara Hurring and George Zhao as Leo Gao as they are pursued from the mud pools of Rotorua to the Casinos of Macau and deep  into the heart of China.


"New face, $20,000,  plane tickets, $5000,  leaving junker at airport, $500,  screwing a major bank, priceless." - Sam Barclay, New York, on Facebook


“ A Lot of people say, you’re lucky, like winning the lottery,  I say, Nothing worse could happen to you” Leo Gao

“I just want to come home”  Kara Hurring.


Award:  Bronze medal at the New York Festivals TV and Film Awards 2020

Best Direction: Danny Mulheron

Best Feature Drama

2020 New Zealand Television Award