Under The Vines

Libertine Pictures for Acorn Films and TVNZ

Episodes 1,2,and 3 directed by Danny Mulheron.

Watch trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bFfd9zTwjc

Watch All Episodes: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/under-the-vines?gclid=CjwKCAjwrqqSBhBbEiwAlQeqGofgMOva9kLldqisrrmkmG2HnYxsPsXqzi_CHMSUCg4IvhYxImQbcxoC-ykQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

A Sydney socialite and London lawyer mutually inherit a run-down vineyard in New Zealand.  The only problems are that neither of them has ever done a hard days’ work – and they despise each other. A romantic comedy set in NZ starring Rebecca Gibney and Charles Edwards.


One lane bridge

Episodes 4,5,6 directed by Danny Mulheron.

Best Drama Series

2020 New Zealand Television Awards

During a murder investigation in Queenstown, an ambitious young detective reawakens a spiritual gift that endangers the case, his career and his life. Dominic Ona-Ariki and Joel Tobeck star in this local crime drama with a dark, supernatural twist. 

Watch all episodes: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/one-lane-bridge

Jonah Directed by Danny Mulheron


The man, the myth, the legend. JONAH tells the story of the greatest rugby player the world has ever known, Jonah Lomu. This two-part series follows Lomu's rise to the top, but also his devastating battle behind the scenes. JONAH gets behind the myth and shows us a complex human being who is forced by nature to make choices that few individuals ever have to make. His supreme power is taken away from him by his illness. His legacy divided and uncertain. The most important rugby player whoever played the game and brought it to the world stage still has no stadium or monument named after him. A sad story about the price of fame.




Runaway Millionaires


What would you do if you found $10 million in your bank account. Runaway Millionaires is the gripping true story of Kara Hurring and Leo Gao,  an ordinary New Zealand couple who went on the run after an enormous amount of money was mistakenly deposited into their account. It features an extraordinary performance by Jess Sayer as Kara Hurring and George Zhao as Leo Gao as they are pursued from the mud pools of Rotorua to the Casinos of Macau and deep  into the heart of China.


"New face, $20,000,  plane tickets, $5000,  leaving junker at airport, $500,  screwing a major bank, priceless." - Sam Barclay, New York, on Facebook


“ A Lot of people say, you’re lucky, like winning the lottery,  I say, Nothing worse could happen to you” Leo Gao

“I just want to come home”  Kara Hurring.


Award:  Bronze medal at the New York Festivals TV and Film Awards 2020

Best Direction: Danny Mulheron

Best Feature Drama

2020 New Zealand Television Award


WHY DOES LOVE Directed by Danny Mulheron



The story of iconic Kiwi band The Exponents is one filled with mayhem, rock and roll, immense creativity and also the formation of a friendship and the strain that fame puts on the people around you. Jordan Luck and Dave Gent are the central focus of the film, their relationship driving the rise, the fall and the eventual resurgence of the band. Feature-length tele feature WHY DOES LOVE? is a classic band movie, a compelling coming of age story and a rollicking good time all at once.

HILLARY Drected by Danny Mulheron

TELEVISION DRAMA SERIES - Six one-hour episodes for TVNZ.


Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person in the world to conquer Mt Everest and the series explores the mountaineer's life from his at-times lonely childhood to his successful summit of Mt Everest. It is also the love story of Ed and his wife Louise and the tragic consequences of his love of the mountains. “But the series is about the man, not the mountain… he was a man who had an extraordinary life, full of incredible highs and heart-breaking lows.”


It was filmed in New Zealand, Nepal, the Himalayas and Varanasi, India. (The Hillary crew was the last film crew to film historic Kathmandu before the devastating 25th April 2015 Nepalese earthquake).

THE KICK Directed by Danny Mulheron

TEVISION MOVIE cinematic release 2012

This is the story of Stephen Donald, the All Black who kicked the winning goal which won the 2011 Rugby World Cup for New Zealand. It is Donald’s personal story – a story of extreme adulations and vilifications, in equal measure,  which not only reveals the dramatic behind-the-scenes life of an All-Black, but the politics of the national sport and even more illuminating, the psyche of the New Zealand people.

FRESH MEAT Directed by Danny Mulheron

FEATURE FILM cinematic release 2012


In this unique mash up of comedy, horror and action, a prison breakout goes violently wrong for a dysfunctional gang of criminals and they need a hideout quick! Picking the McMansion of a middle-class Maori family probably seemed like a safe bet, but how were they to know that this particular family have re-introduced some very old fashioned cuisine to their table? Will the hapless criminals escape, or is there gangster in the casserole tonight?


Fresh Meat had a red carpet premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival New York 2013 followed by a successful release in over 50 million cable homes across the United States, Britain and Canada via Tribeca Video On Demand. Tribeca Festival chose Fresh Meat as one of only four movies to roll out on Video On Demand in USA and one of only six (including past years films) to roll out on Video On Demand in the UK.  INDIE WIRE rated Fresh Meat as one of the five top narrative features at Tribeca 2013.



 “FRESH MEAT is one of my favorite films I’ve seen so far this year, exquisitely walking the fine line between horror and comedy and succeeding with honors at both. Though there’s not a lot of gore, it’s suggested and what it lacks in grue, it makes up in guffaws. AINT IT COOL NEWS 


”Fresh Meat” also made quite the impression in the festival’s Midnight Section, boasting loads of vibrant gore within a darkly hilarious villainous  criminals-meet-innocent family of cannibals scenario. SHOCKYA
“Fresh Meat is fiercely funny and brazenly bonkers” CINEMA BLEND  


“The movie is very Tarantino-esque, and if you are a fan of Tarantino’s gut-wrenching, violent, and action-packed vibe, then this movie is something you’ll like.  The comedy parts are pretty funny, and the gore is pretty realistic. The soundtrack is pretty bad ass too, also very Tarantino-esque.” TRULY DISTURBING 


Slick widescreen lensing, spot-on production design of a nouveau-riche household,  and colorful costuming including Gigi's eye-catching hot pink shorts-and-tank-top ensemble  combine effectively to create the atmosphere of a high-gloss soap opera gone berserk. VARIETY 

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THE THIRD RICHARD Directed by Danny Mulheron and Sara Stretton

DOCUMENTARY Cinematic Realese 2008


The story of Danny Mulheron's grandfather, Richard Fuchs who was a German Jewish composer. After his music was banned by the Nazis he was released from Dachau Concentration Camp and escaped to New Zealand. Six months after his arrival, the world was at war and Richard Fuchs was proclaimed an enemy alien. His music was never heard...until now.

RAGE  Directed by Danny Mulheron



TV movie Rage recreates the 1981 Springbok tour, which saw violent clashes between protestors and police. Ryan O'Kane plays the protestor whose girlfriend (Maria Walker) is actually an undercover cop who has infiltrated the anti-tour movement. Rage was nominated for five NZ TV Awards, including Best One-Off Drama, Director (Danny Mulheron) and Actor (O'Kane).

Tom Scott (writer) “[Director Danny Mulheron] has no equal, in my view, in generating both energy and a sense of security on set, allowing even the most fearful of actors to deliver extraordinarily brave performances.”


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ERUPTION Directed by Danny Mulheron



The city of Auckland, New Zealand is built on a volcanic field. A maverick scientist who is convinced that an eruption is only days away from destroying the city struggles to convince his skeptical colleagues to raise the alarm. As the eruption draws closer, his daughter tries to keep their family from imploding, while his ambitious wife battles her own demons. Meanwhile, residents of the city struggle with their own personal crises as they start to evacuate. A Chinese couple tests their luck; two runaway brothers leave their hospitalized mother in a state of panic; and a lifeline is provided by a pair of irreverent talkback hosts. As the volcano bursts to the surface, each of these characters must make a decision -- stay or go? Is it already too late to run?